Can Internet Trolls Ruin Your Reputation

can internet trolls ruin your reputation

The world is full of internet trolls. Why? Because everyone loves to hide behind a computer screen and bash other companies or individuals. 9 times out of 10 these individuals won’t ever say or repeat the remarks they made online when face to face with that individual/party.

In 2020, consumers turn to the internet for everything. Whether this is general knowledge, a product or good they’re looking to buy or looking into online dating. The internet is a double-edged sword, ruthless is a sense.


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Learning how to handle internet trolls can get your business afloat or strengthen the self-esteem of any individual if handled properly. When dealing with trolls online it is imperative that you DO NOT add fuel to the fire. Some individuals do not realize when they are being trolls. This can be in the form of redundant questions seeking a contradictory statement or hate speech.

So welcome to another Internet Reputation blog where we will cover internet trolls, how to handle them and tips to manage your reputation online.


What is Online Trolling?

Basically, trolling is if somebody comments or reacts to something that you post, typically in a confrontational way. Most of the time that is intended to emit a strong, emotional response.

Though a lot of men and women use the expression in contexts where a sense of humor is valued. The reality is that internet users can get fairly vulgar in not necessarily a laughing matter.


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An online troll is a contemporary form of the renaissance joker cracking jokes at your expense. 

They hide behind their computer screens and knowingly go out of the way to create trouble online. Like the mythological troll, internet trolls are mad and tumultuous in every possible manner. Often for no real reason what so ever.

Dealing with Online Trolls

The objective of a troll would be to participate with their victims in a heated internet debate. So the best approach to manage them is to dismiss them. 

This could be more difficult than it seems, especially when somebody has said something to make you mad.

As opposed to engaging, your very best choice is to just block the troll. Stopping them from commenting on your posts. 


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Best Course of Action 

In grade school, you could not ignore a bully; intimidation was a face-to-face affair. But online bullies often go totally undetected by small business proprietors that aren’t tracking their online testimonials or reputation in general

If you would like to cut adverse online testimonials off at the root, you need to maintain your online profiles. Then continue to track the dialogue and respond rationally and logically. 

That means keeping a continuous presence on Yelp, Google and any other third-party websites where your company can get observed.


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When you find a negative online inspection, your first urge is to allow the world to understand the reason why the reviewer isn’t right. However, that is not necessarily the best idea.

Responding in the heat of the moment will usually lead to larger headaches in the future. Is it true that your reviewers possess a valid criticism, or are they merely another online bully?


Always Take Responsibility

In the event the customer’s concerns are real, by all means, react. Take responsibility for your own part in the issue, offer a sincere apology and attempt to begin the recovery procedure. 

By adjusting the circumstance, you do not just get the respect of this reviewer, but you also reveal future prospects that you genuinely care for your clients and customers.

However, bear in mind, not every negative online review warrants a response. 


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In case you’ve got an anonymous user yelling in the ALL CAPS and producing little to no feeling in the procedure. What are the possibilities that a well-thought-out response will really make a difference?

Sometimes it’s far better to take these discussions offline. After all, the last thing you need to do is get to an online argument with an internet troll. Rest assured; many customers can tell the difference between a valid reviewer and an internet bully trolling for attention.


Tips for Small Business Owners Struggling with Trolls

When dealing with small to medium-sized businesses, you have less wiggle room with internet trolls. Platforms such as Reddit alongside Twitter have been known to forever tarnish a business’ reputation.

Your online reputation is your first-impression nowadays. What your search results say, and how people react will determine your place within the industry quickly. For example, studies show that when a company has a single negative article on the first page of Google their revenue dropped almost 22%. This loss is prorated with the addition of every new negative mention online.


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Review sites are beginning to control the success of restaurants alone for starters. Think about it, you go on vacation (or maybe even 30 minutes from your home) where you are dumbfounded on where to go to eat. Enter Yelp. Regardless of whether the food is genuinely good or the service is superb, the restaurant with the best star rating will likely see a majority of the business.

Take negative comments with a grain of salt. Do not stress over this. Every business is bound to receive negative feedback from time to time. That is natural, the difference here is how you go about handling negativity online in regards to you personally, or your business.