Remove Your Reputation Score from MyLife

Remove Your Reputation Score from MyLife Sells Your Personally Identifiable Information Online

Through time, several new websites have popped up attempting to make a profit by mining your information. collects as much information as possible about an individual to obtain a ‘reputation score‘. This score, based on, Can be referred to as your online “credit score”. With only a couple of clicks, anyone can see this info. You might now wonder whether there’s a choice to opt-out.

The supplier says: “You are able to edit and comment on lots of the information on the webpage. You might even write about to provide a lot of men and women that visit your page a favorable picture of your self. All these are totally free functions.


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Paid members may conceal anonymous testimonials and lock segments so nobody can view them without consent. MyLife Background webpages in this way look in Google searches twice every second so that it’s very important to control your webpage to look your very best into the entire world.”

We attempted the edit choices and noticed that after we attempted to place the data to personal, we were not able to save these adjustments, so we looked for one more choice. One which works.


What is

If you have ever Googled your name, you’ve probably come across a list for MyLife is a data-aggregate website which makes it effortless to discover private information on anybody else throughout the net.

Taking more liberties with your own personal information than many others from the people-search sector, MyLife utilizes your private data to make a standing score, allowing other people to see your personal data and make an instant decision of your brand’s image and standing.

Below we examine what goes into your MyLife standing score, and how it affects your electronic footprint and the way online reputation management may find both moving in the ideal direction.


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What Exactly is a Reputation Score?

MyLife, alongside many other people-search databases, offers what they call a “reputation score”. In short, it is a scale from 1-5 that judges your reputational standing online. Sites such as these claim to provide consumers, clients, and competitors who may be searching for you online an instant “value” to represent their brand image.

Most people-search websites online such as BeenVerified or InstantCheckMate showcase personally identifiable information (PII). This can include your home address, contact information, relative’s information, criminal history, and even financial liens or holds on your name (i.e. bankruptcy).

At the end of the day, MyLife allows anyone to find anyone address in a matter of seconds. By having a stable internet connection and paying a small fee, you can stalk whomever you’d like, unfortunately. For this reason alone, we always recomend you remove your name from people-search websites like MyLife, along with the dozen others.


What is Factored into Your Reputation Score?

  • Arrest & Criminal Records
  • Amount of Social Media Profiles
  • Different Home Addresses & Emails/Phone Numbers
  • Professional Career Portfolio (Resume)
  • Financial & Banking Information
  • Asset Management (Property Records)
  • Academic Records (Degrees & Special Certificates)


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Can You Remove Your Reputation Score Online?

As previously mentioned, anyone with about $10 and the internet can gain access to your personal information. For this reason alone we set out to see how you can remove your PII from as well as 45+ people-search websites. Now knowing your information is plastered online, you are probably thinking the same thing.

MyLife claims the following:

“Yes. You can edit and comment on many of the details on this page. You can also write about yourself to give the many people who come to your page a positive image of yourself. These are free functions. Paid members can hide anonymous reviews and lock sections so no one can see them without permission. MyLife Background pages like this appear in Google searches six times each second so it’s important to control your page to look your best to the world.”

As you can see, even if you do not own the profile (unless locked) you can edit people’s records. How crazy is this?! For example, before reading this article you had no clue your information was located on Now you come to learn that if you don’t pay for a membership, people can edit your page!


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Although there are various disclaimers stating that employers should not use this database for any reason throughout the hiring process. Both of us know this rule isn’t honored. Why? Because if you are an employer looking for quick hiring (sometimes overnight) you cannot wait for a comprehensive background report to come back.

People-search website is a way to get instant answers. So next time you are denied from that second interview or your email bounces, take a look online. 90% of adults in the United States claimed that their Google results are not positive.


MyLife Reputation Score Removal Process

For those who have privacy and identity theft issues, you can eliminate your personal data from by picking out. This can be done by:

  • Offering your opt-out petition to, or
  • Calling MyLife’s customer support staff at 1-888-704-1900.

In any event, you need to include such information as your first and last name, current and past addresses and date of arrival on your request (that is indeed MyLife understands the specific profile to eliminate from their website ). Furthermore, make certain to ask your personal information to be removed from ALL websites MyLife owns.


Improving Your Reputation Score with

If you are searching to take action to secure your internet privacy and boost your MyLife Reputation score, then we can assist. With next-level electronic technology, insight, and expertise on the website, our staff can offer a personalized online reputation management plan and alternatives to get your new picture back to green.


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Additional Notes on How to Remove Your Reputation Score From MyLife

  • Some individuals have several profiles on the website. Repeat the instructions for every profile nonetheless, it is possible to record several profile URLs in one email to MyLife.
  • You might find an email using a refusal to eliminate you since the info is collected from public sources. If that is true, return to step 1 since occasionally MyLife eliminates your profile despite telling you.
  • Should they refuse to eliminate you and you’re still on the website, dismiss that letter and begin by going back to the beginning of the tutorial and sending a new removal petition to MyLife?
  • Odds are that another individual who receives your email will eliminate your profile. Otherwise, repeat again, and again till you’ve got success.
  • Just ask to be eliminated.